Best Places to Propose in Sioux Falls

Where to Propose in Sioux Falls, SD Falls Park

If you’re looking to start 2019 by changing your status from dating to engaged, you’ve probably started to look for places in or around Sioux Falls, South Dakota to get engaged. If you’re stuck, no worries! Here is a list of 10 amazing places to propose in Sioux Falls to help you out!

  1. Falls Park
    Falls Park might just be the most picturesque place in Sioux Falls, so no matter where you chose to propose here, you’ll have a wonderful view and a special memory. You can go for the high vantage point of the Overlook Tower, down closer by one of the viewing platforms, or even on the bridge!

    Pro Tip: If you think she may have an large reaction that includes flying arms, don’t propose too close to the water or the railing of the tower, so that beautiful ring doesn’t go flying as well!

  2. At a local winery
    There are a few adorable wineries right near Sioux Falls, like Strawbale Winery or Calico Skies Winery. You might want to save this one for when it is a little warmer and there are beautiful vines to stroll between! You can even enjoy some delicious wine before to calm your nerves or after to celebrate; or both!

  3. Palisades State Park
    Go on a short road trip together and hit up the Palisades! It will feel like you’re far away from the city without having to go all the way to the Black Hills. There are cozy little spots right off the trails to get down on one knee.

  4. Japanese Garden - Terrace Park
    Don’t want to go too far out of town, but still want a unique place to propose? Check out the Japanese Gardens off of Grange Avenue. There is a small lake there and every few feet there are exotic flowers, pagodas and an overlook area covered in ivy. I highly recommend the Japanese Gardens at sunset as well.

  5. Great Bear Ski Valley
    If you’re looking for a great place to get engaged at any time of the year Great Bear is perfect! Feeling a winter proposal? Go tubing, snowboarding or skiing! Maybe propose after you go to warm up, at the top of the hill, even on the ski lift (see pro tip above about large reactions and keeping that ring safe!). Great Bear is also great for proposals during off season, as there is the Great Bear Recreation Park that has some awesome trails.

  6. During your favorite concert!
    Check out a concert at the Denny Sanford Premier Center, The District, or one of the shows that happen at a local bar. This one has meaning to me, because I got engaged during a concert! My husband Christopher proposed during the Garth Brooks concert we say in Omaha, and we even ended up on the big screen, which wasn’t planned at all and surprised my husband a bit too! You never know what could happen.

  7. Denny Sanford Premier Center, Sanford Pentagon or the Bird Cage!
    Speaking of the Premier Center, if you’re both into sports, a proposal during your favorite game is just the ticket, literally! Stampede, Skyforce, Storm or Canaries! You can go big and propose on the jumbotron or do something a bit more subtle and propose when the moment feels perfect.

  8. Where you had your first date.
    Was your first date in Sioux Falls? This might just be the perfect place to propose, as it already has a special meaning.

  9. Downtown Sioux Falls
    Want to enjoy an intimate dinner and a stroll? Downtown Sioux Falls is perfect for that. Some of my favorite restaurants include Crawford’s, Parker’s, Fiero Pizza, MacKenzie River, Boki, Josiah’s, and Phillips Avenue Diner! Ok, I pretty much just listed them all, but there are some other great options as well. You can’t go wrong, especially when our downtown is filled with unique little shops and restaurants. After you’ve finished eating, take a stroll and check out some of these shops. It’s especially romantic once the State Theater lights are going. Maybe stop in for some macaroons at C.H. Patisserie after you’ve popped the question to celebrate!

  10. At home
    Maybe you don’t feel a public engagement is really your thing, or the thought of proposing in public makes you ill. An at home engagement is in no way less of a cute way to propose! Fill the living room with roses and candles (maybe flickering LED ones so prevent a fire hazard). Was that too cheesy for you and you just rolled your eyes? It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, because in the end, this is about the two of you. Whatever feels right for your relationship is what will be the perfect moment.

However you choose to propose, enjoy the moment! It’s definitely one of my happiest memories and you’ll be floating on cloud nine soon. Congratulations!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Proposal Ideas

Have you proposed somewhere else that’s awesome in Sioux Falls, SD that you think should have made this list? Tell me about it in the comments!

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