For the Guys: What You Should Practice

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Guys, I’m talking straight to you on this one. There are a few things that I’ve noticed as a trend on a wedding day. Now this may not apply to you all, so if you are familiar with dressing in suits or tuxes often, or have been in many weddings this may be more of a refresher for you.

If you aren’t accustomed to pinning on a flower, tying a necktie or other fancier things, it’s time to practice these before the big day! Search YouTube, ask your best friend, your dad, or even your neighbor for help on the following things and you’ll be looking pretty amazing on your wedding day.

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  1. Your Tie
    Your outfit comes complete with a fancy tie! Whether you have chosen a bowtie, necktie or clip-on, make sure you know how to finish your look properly. Your bride will probably have some input on the type you wear, so make sure you communicate on what style you prefer. The next choice is choosing the knot that looks the best for you. Then practice away! It is also a good idea to encourage your groomsmen to practice this.

  2. Ironing
    Typically you will pick up your suit and it will be looking fresh and crisp for you, but should it not be quite ready, make sure you know how to iron! Most hotel rooms come equipped with them, so no need to worry about packing on if you are getting ready in a hotel room. If you have any questions, please make sure you check to see if your outfit can be ironed and at what settings. Aren’t confident in your iron skills, no matter how many times you watch a tutorial? Try hanging your clothes in the bathroom with you as you take a hot shower. Steam can be a great way to get some wrinkles out!

  3. Pocket Square
    Did your pocket square come pre-folded from the store, but your curiosity got the best of you? Now you are unsure of what to do? Check out the multitude of tutorials online and find your favorites. Just remember that your pocket square should fill the pocket completely horizontally. You might need to see the above to get out any creases from too many practices and iron or steam the pocket square before you wear it on your big day!

  4. Boutonniere
    This always ends up being the moment when everyone looks to me in the room. The boutonniere goes on your left lapel with the flower should be facing upwards. The pins should be hidden when you have correctly attached a boutonniere. Start the pin from behind the lapel, then angle into the bottom of the boutonniere. You’ll then angle the pin back to behind the lapel. If you have received two pins with your boutonniere, make it more secure by using this same technique, but starting at the top of the stem of the flowers on the boutonniere and working your way down.

  5. Buttoning Your Jacket
    When it comes time to close your jacket, remember that the rule is 1 button for weddings (the top one), 2 buttons for funerals. Have a three-button jacket? Remember what to do with the “SAN” rule. SOMETIMES button the top button. ALWAYS button the middle button. NEVER button the lowest button. If you’re sitting, always remember to unbutton your jacket first. This will make you feel the most comfortable, as well it being less of a risk of losing a button!

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