Finding My Name | The Process of Change

Introducing Bethany Melvin Photography

If you've been with me for awhile, you may have noticed quite a few changes going on with my business! Changing your business name when you are about 7 years in is quite a process and never one to be taken lightly. So why the change? 

It wasn't an easy decision to change my name, but B. Photography was a name I chose when I first opened my business at 18 years old. No one would ever pronounce my last name correctly and I had 2 B's in my name so I just made it simple for people to remember! I started working and sweating it out to make a name for myself as B. Photography. Thanks to all the faith and trust my friends, family and clients had in me I rose to a position that I was happy with. But there is always that passion in me to go further and make things more meaningful. 

I wanted a name that meant something to me. That when I heard it day in and day out that it would hold some special place in my heart. This is when I decided it was time to make a change. 

Thanks to being a member of the The Rising Tide Society, I connected with the wonderful businesses of Honey Side Up Creative and Home Sweet Hyatt. These ladies are the magicians behind the beautiful logo and website that you see before you. Kelsey and Britt helped with every single thing we could think of to create a brand that was truly my personality and style. 

"But Bethany, your last name isn't Melvin??"
So you may be wondering where the Melvin comes in. It was really right in front of me for so long, I'm surprised I didn't think of it sooner. I was listing all these potential names and nothing stuck, nothing felt special. Until I wrote down Bethany Melvin.  Melvin is my paternal grandfather, but he's so much more than that. He taught me by example the importance of giving, being gracious and being kind-hearted. All things I strive for in my business. When I saw it written down in front of me, it just made me stop and go...yes. That's it. That's the path I've been searching for!

I wanted every part of my name and logo to be meaningful as well.  The gemstones also meaningful for my business. When my grandfather went to more formal affairs when I was young, I always remember him wearing a bolo tie with a turquoise stone in the middle. With this being such a close tie to my grandfather, choose a tealish mint gemstone to represent my business was an easy choice. The gold represents my old brand and my personality and love of gold and the two intertwined in the accent icon you'll see around my page and on business cards and such are the representation how close our relationship truly is. 

So while B. Photography was the name that built my business, Bethany Melvin is the new foundation in which stand on today. It's stronger, prettier (thanks Kels & Britt), and I'm more ready than ever to take my dreams to the next level.

Won't you come along on the adventure? 

It’s your love story. Brag a little.™

Bethany Melvin Photography is a Sioux Falls, SD wedding photographer who specializes in capturing love stories. Bethany Melvin Photography is based in the Midwest, but is available nationwide and for destination weddings. Have a question or want more information on booking? Contact Bethany today at or visit